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Tips on Nails Art

nail art 1Tips on Nails Art

Nails styling is as important as any other part of the makeover. Almost every girl likes perfect nails according to their dressing style. Nail painting is a tough job to do if you are not a professional in nail painting, but you can learn how to paint your nails and create new looks. Anyone can become professional in the nails art if you know about the right tips and tricks, but always remember practice is essential to become perfect in nail painting.

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Undoubtedly nails deserve a place in fashion and daily style routine. The care of nails is as important as hairs, hands etc. The presentation of nails really matters even if you apply a simple nude color nail polish or paint. The focus should be on making your nails neat and clean and this way everyone knows that you take care of yourself. It also enhances the overall look of your hands and makes them prettier.

But sometimes, a simple plain color doesn’t go with the outfit which you are wearing or you just want to funk up the plain colors, nails art can come in handy.

nail art 1Below are some amazing and simple tips which can help you to make designs and shows your creativity easily while sitting at home.

The first step is you have to clean your nails properly, buff your nails and file them before applying anything on nails. You should also make sure that your nails don’t have any moisture. It is important to do these things before doing nail art.

The base coat is really important so you should make sure that it is properly distributed on your nails while applying. It is also important to make sure that your nails should not give a rough look. If you want to avoid that your nail pattern don’t look shabby then you must focus on applying base coat evenly.

To do nails art you should be at wind free place because nail polishes dry very quickly and it can be tricky for you and you need to be quick in this process.

To make your nails art more exotic, you can mix some glitter or use studs and stick on stones on your nails. It will make your nails look trendier and professionally done.

nail art 4You should apply a coat of acrylic nail enamel on your nails to give them shine and it will help to make your design last longer. Always use gloves when you have to work in the kitchen or somewhere else where your hands can get dirty.

Always use a Q-tip or cotton bud to remove excessive nail polish.

The use of clear solution tape can be great in designing your nails. You can easily cut the tape into any size or shape you want and paste it over your base coat. Afterwards, color the next coat and when the coat dries off remove it carefully.

Always remember ART is all about creativity. You can do whatever you possibly imagine in developing design for your nails. So think outside the box and do creative stuff.

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