Skinny jeans collection for women (3)

Skinny jeans collection for women

Skinny jeans collection for women

Fashion Guide for you.

Jeans that work magic!

No need for pixie dust – the right jeans will literally transform your shape.

Just find your best fit and work these styling secrets!

Look Taller

Tucked Tee: Look longer by keeping your shirt short! Showing off a waistband that sits high on your hips brings the eyes up so you’ll appear even taller.

Long Flare: An extra-long cut that bells out a bit makes your legs look like they go on forever, and notice-me-color draws even more attention to them!

Wedges: Not only do these shoes add serious height, but they’re also so comfy that rushing to and from class all day will be no prob.

Skinny jeans collection for women (2)Some Cute Extras!

Score extra inches and major glam points with sky-high heels.

When your bag hangs low across to your body, it stretches you out!

A slightly cropped vest tricks the eye and makes it seem as if your legs start where the vest ends.

Matching your shoes to your pants lengthens the line of your legs.

Look Slimmer

Cropped Jacket: A short jacket nips you in at the waist while also highlighting your curves in a fab way.

Dark Stretch: Yes, you can go for distressed denim! Just pick an indigo rinse and a slim fit, so it stays mega-flattering.

Peep-toe heels: You probably know heels make your legs seem leaner, but peep-toes do even more! Showing that extra skin has slimming effects.

Skinny jeans collection for women (1)

Some cute Extras!

Leave your generous bag at home – it adds bulk! A tiny clutch is streamlined and dainty.

A floaty tank skims over your tummy and gives you a smoother look!

Shiny long necklaces create a vertical line that elongates your body!

Pointy boots keep your legs going and going!

Look Curvier

Western Shirt: Undo the last few buttons and tie it at your waist to create an hourglass shape.

Light embellished: A pale wash fills you out everywhere, and swirly studded details make all the right parts of your body pop!

High-tops: these have hidden wedge, which will push up your booty and help it look cuter!

Skinny jeans collection for women (4)Some cute Extras!

Heels with a rounded curve amp up a curvy-all-over vibe. A small belt makes your waist seem tiny and your bust and hips look more voluptuous by comparisonGet instant shapeliness with a peplum top! The volume at your hips gives them a va-va-voom shape. Hello there! A triangle-shaped necklace makes a statement by pointing right to your décolletage!

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