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Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans

featured 1_optShoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans

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Almost everyone is a fan of skinny jeans because it looks great if you have a body and confidence to wear it.

You might have faced this problem once in a life when you are wearing a super cute outfit with your favorite pair of jeans but don’t know which shoes will complete your look.

Well, it happened to everyone, but no need to get confused or stuck with the choice. Keep one thing into consideration; wear the shoes according to what the occasion demands.

We are here to help you in the matter of what shoes to wear with skinny jeans.

There are many kinds of shoes which you can actually wear with skinny jeans to achieve a complete look. Scroll down to know about what to wear with skinny jeans.

Classic Sneakers

sneakers_optUndoubtedly, the trendiest shoes on the market at the moment. The classic sneaker should have a place in your wardrobe. You can wear these with solid color skinny jean. Classic sneakers look well with T-shirt and skinny jeans.

You can also use these sneakers when you are having a daytime casual get together with friends.

Flat Sandals

flat sandals_optFlat sandals always look pretty when wearing with skinny jeans. If you are going out for brunch or some casual party, you should consider wearing the flat sandals with your favorite skinny jeans.

Try to wear lighter colors, it will enhance your overall look and avoid wearing bright color sandals.

Pointy Flats

pointy flats_optYou might never consider wearing pointy flats shoes with skinny jeans but you should consider it wearing because it can be used more than just an office wear shoes.

The pointy flats actually look great with skinny jeans and it provides a very settle and simple look. Try to wear simple and solid colors such as black, navy blue and avoid wearing versions with embellishments.

Slip-On Sneakers

slip on sneakers_optIt’s another trendiest shoe which looks simply good with a pair of right skinny jeans. Try to wear shoes with medium soles and play with different colors and prints.

You can attempt many different look experiments with slip-on sneakers. Always wear it with confidence.

Classic Pointy Pumps

pointy pumps_optPumps are always a better option when it comes to wear with skinny jeans. If you want a modern casual look you should wear pointy toed pumps.

Try to wear black or some other solid color, but if you want to make a statement, then go for colors like red, yellow. The snakeskin print can also be worn.

Strappy Heels

strappy heelsWhen talking about heels the one thing which comes into mind is sex appeal. To enhance the sex appeal you can use strappy heels with a good pair of skinny jeans.

The strappy heels provide more room to play. You can select simple, solid colors like black, vivid colors or prints. They all looks great with skinnies but avoid cheap shiny and fabric material heels.


loafers_optFor a stylish and laid-back look, you should wear classic loafers. Try to wear flat loafers to get casual look for casual get together or parties and wear small heel version of loafers to enhance the look.

Wear your skinny jeans according to the style and color of loafers.


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