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The proper way to wear suit jacket with jeans

The proper way to wear suit jacket with jeans


Do you ever wear a suit jacket with jeans?

I would say it depends and you probably need an answer is Yes or No but there is not any accurate answer to this question. Actually, the truth is there are few characteristics which ensure if wearing a suit jacket with jeans can be looked well.

Keep these three things into your consideration when taking a decision to wear a suit jacket with jeans.

What kind of suit jacket we are talking about here?

What kind of jeans we are considering?

At what function or occasion you will wear this?

Inspect the Suit Jacket

Does the fitting of suit jacket suits you?

If no, then go no further. You cannot wear this with anything.

If your answer is no then you don’t need to go further because you are not able to put on the style which is detailed below.

preper suit jacker fit 2

Does suit jacket should be in classic style?

I don’t consider a suit jacket which is made on 1950’s style. You should consider single breasted 2 or 3 buttons with 3 pockets (one left breast and two hips). If the length of the jacket is way long like it touches your knees or some 1974 old style jacket. Don’t consider it wearing unless its Halloween night or some 1970’s theme party.

How much the color matters?

Solid Black

Black is a great color for night party wear. If you have suit jacket in black, and your skin tone is medium to tan, you can wear it at night events as a sport jacket anytime. However, if people pay attention to the details of your jacket it will be obvious that this is a suit jacket unless you made some alteration to it such as different stitching, special buttons. But, I would just say don’t bother and wear your jacket with full confidence and have a great time at the party.

2 button blazer 4

Navy Blue

Luckily, if your jacket color is navy blue and it fulfills all the criteria above you can use the jacket. Simply focus on removing the buttons and replace them with buttons in gold or silver color and you will have a blazer.

Light Grey

Light Grey is always a dashing color when it comes to wearing a suit jacket. The lighter color is always better. But, don’t forget this color is always suitable for daytime casual wear.

Slim fit blazer and jeans 3

Charcoal Grey Solid

No, never use this color jacket with casual wear. This is a very rare color as well in sport coats which you can use in casual clothing. It will look bizarre.

Inspect the Denim Jeans

combine 5

In the above picture the jeans on the left can be used safely with a blazer or sport jacket and the jeans on the right can be only used if you have a strong fashion sense and confidence to pull this off. I personally prefer, you should casual wear suit jacket with dark jeans. You will look classy and stylish but tries to wear different color blazer or suit jacket and jeans.

In case weather is warm try to casual wear lighter jeans with dark blazer or any seasonal jacket and select the colors appropriately. If you are not an artist or musician avoid wearing a jacket with torn jeans.

Always pay attention to the fit of your jeans because baggy jeans or low hanging jeans will look awful with a jacket.

You need a denim which fits on your body perfectly and in which you feel comfortable. Slim fit jeans look great with a blazer, but it requires a proper body shape. If you have a big chest and small waist, then you can pull off this casual wear style smoothly.

Does a jeans and suit jacket combination is suitable for the occasion?

Always remember no matter how you give yourself a look in jeans and a jacket, but jeans are always considered as informal. But you can enjoy this casual look if you are not going to formal occasion. Never forget to always dress up according to the occasion.

On the end note, you should experiment with this look and wear it with confidence.

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