Proper Way to Wear Jeans

Proper Way to Wear Jeans

Wearing jeans is not as simple as it sounds. To get a good look by only wearing a jeans and T-shirt you need to focus on the quality and style of jeans. The fitting is the most important part if you want to look stylish in casual wear. Below are the proper ways to wear jeans with almost anything.

T-Shirt and Jeans


Tuck In: Never ever think about tucking in your T-shirt. It looks weird. You only need to assure the length of T-shirt should be falling on the top of your jeans pockets.

Fit: The best fit of jeans which go great with T-shirt is slim fit not skinny jeans. You can cuff the bottoms and it will still look good.

Wash: When you have to dress up in casual wear, you should try light to medium blue wash jeans. It will look great with T-shirts.

Polo Shirt and Jeans


Tuck In: Seriously, never try attempting it. Polo shirt should be in proper fit and length. You polo shirt must be around your waistline and sleeves should be according to your arm size. To know specifically about wearing the Polo shirt with jeans please read here.

Fit: Straight Leg jeans are best all the way when it comes to wear with polo. Doesn’t go for skinny or baggy jeans it will look awful.

Wash: Use dark color jeans for vivid color or white color polo shirts and when wearing darker color polo shirts try to wear a light color jeans.

Casual Shirt and Jeans


Tuck In: Whenever you want. But the fitting of the shirt matters. If you wear a slim fit casual shirt it will look awesome. Keep one thing into consideration not every casual shirt is made to tuck in.

Fit: Wear straight leg jeans if you only have to wear a casual shirt over it, but it will also look good if you layer yourself with a jacket or sweater.

Wash: You should wear a medium to dark blue jeans. Select the color which suits on you when you wear it with a casual shirt.

Dress Shirt and Jeans


Tuck In: It’s made to be tucking in but never forget to wear a good belt.

Fit: In which you feel comfortable and casual at the same time. Try to avoid too skinny.

Wash: You should wear gray, off-white jeans and try to stay away from typical blue color jeans.

Casual Blazer and Jeans


Tuck In: Definitely, in case you are wearing dark colored jeans, you should make a good contrast and wear lighter color blazers.

Fit: When wearing blazer the only thing which comes to mind is the proper fit of blazer and jeans. If you want to rock the blazer and jeans look, try to wear slim fit or straight leg jeans which fit you perfectly.

Wash: Dark jeans are the best option here and wear light color casual blazer like off-white or khaki.

Tailored Blazer and Jeans


Tuck In: You better do it. Ensure the fit of your shirt before buying and always go for a good slim-fit shirt. It will make you look smart and stylish.

Fit: Slim fit jeans are the best option to achieve a sharp look and avoid cuffing the jeans.

Wash: Always go for dark color. You should wear dark blue or black color jeans.

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