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What is a blog privacy policy?privacy policy 1

Infact, a blog Privacy Policy is to show our visitors how we will be treating them in terms of our service using!

*Our Privacy Policy*

Copyright, Privacy and Content Disclaimer:-

At Privacy Policy is a matter of big deal for us. As its a matter of trust of our visitors on us.

1-Log File

Like many several thousand websites around the Global Village; We too do use the log file.
Which type of information is inside the log files?

Log files contains information about your Internet Service Provider(ISP),date/times,number of pages u visit,number of clicks for improving our service,tracking the user’s movements across our website and gathering infographic information.
Our visitors don’t need to worry about. As we do care about every aspect related to their identity. We don’t sell such information or trade with anyother authority. But In case of some serious touble and court orders; We will be compelled to give the Information of that user.

privacy policy

2-Cookies and Web Beacons

Our site Fashi0ns use cookies to enhance the user experience and to improve our website. Users can allow/disallow the cookies, but it may be result in some functions disability.

3-Double click DART Policy

Google,As a third party user show adds on Fashi0ns and do the use of cookies.
Our visitors must see the use of the DART cookie policy by surfing the following web: Google Ad Policy

4-Our advertising partners

Google Adsense

Google,As a third party user show adds on Fashi0ns and do the use of cookies.

Fasi0ns doesn’t apply and can’t control the activities by third party advertisers.

If our visitors do want to disable cookies, they can do this simply by disabling cookies from their respective browser’s options.


If you require any more info of any type engaged with Fashions, help,have any questions or suggestions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by doing our contact form.