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Men Sweater Styles And Tips

Men Sweater Styles And Tips


Sweaters are always a considerable option to feel warmer in the cold winters and look stylish. Sweaters are a big part of men winter fashion. Below, we elaborate the few important styles of sweaters and tips to wear them.

Classic Crew Sweater

combine classic crew

The classic crew sweater is always a good option and it is an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. The sweaters in the picture above may look simple, but these wool sweaters are stylish and versatile. You can wear this sweater during your office time or on a trip with your friends.

Tip: Use this sweater as a layer wears it with a collared shirt or under a jacket. It looks good and provides you warmth at the same time.

Half-Zip Sweater

half zip combine

So if you don’t like sweaters? Try half-zip. If you feel warmer, you can simply open the zip for relaxation and zip up when you feel cold. I would recommend the sweater, which is below in the picture. It is made from yak wool and yaks lives in cold climate areas so their wool is warmer and thicker than ordinary sheep’s wool sweater. This sweater looks classy and it should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe.

Tip: If you want a stylish look with this half-zip sweater, unzip the sweater collar and add a solid color scarf around the neck and place it inside the sweater collar. It will make you warm and stylish.


cardigan combine

Cardigans are the most essential part of a man’s wardrobe. In my opinion, this is the most versatile sweater and it has a big position in men winter fashion. You can try many looks with it such as you can wear it with a tie and dark jeans on casual days or wear it with chinos for comfortable look.

Tip: Choose a fine cardigan sweater and wear it over a fitted collar shirt. Play with different colors and you will achieve the look in which you look classy.

Full Zip Hoodie

full zip hoodie 2

Hood is always a favorite part of wardrobe mostly among young men. Hoodies not only keeps you warm in cold winter, but it also covers you from unexpected rainy days. But, it will not give you a classy and stylish look which we want. It is a good option to wear it as casual wear in the home or at outdoor exercise, but never go to a party wearing a hoodie unless you are Mark Zuckerberg or Eminem. It will just look bizarre.

Tip: Wear a well fitted and full-zip hood with jeans. It will provide you a proper look.

V-Neck Sweater

v neck sweater 1

The V-Neck sweater is simply classy and stylish. It is a most versatile sweater in men fashion. You can wear this sweater with a jeans and blazer on a date; wear a leather jacket over it. Try to buy a light weight V-neck sweater to use it as layering.

Tip: For a complete classy look, use the V-neck sweater over a V-neck T-shirts or well fitted collared shirts, but never try to wear it with classic crew T-shirts.

Sweater Vest

sweater vest 2

Most people think the sweater vest is only for grandfathers, but it’s not a reality. Sweater vest is a great option of wearing it in the fall. You will not suffocate in a sweater vest and it will keep you warm. It should be worn over collared shirts to complete the look.

Tip: Choose a vest sweater, which is in perfect fit according to your body shape and wear it over a collared shirt. For complete casual and classy look wears a sports jacket or blazer over it.

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