Mens watches 2015

luxury watches for men

Mens watches 2015Luxury Watches For Men

Mens watches 2015The Watch is a major accessory for men. Mens watches are in fashion for a long time and  the watch  can be an expensive. Many celebrities, athletes and millionaires wear expensive and well known brand watches.

Every man should own one or two high quality watches. We make a list of top 5 watches of 2015.

Some of the men’s watches are pretty expensive, but it’s a guide so you will know which watch brands are famous in 2015.

88 Rue Du Rhone watches for men

Mens watches 2015The company came into existence in 2013 and founded by two brothers Pierre Bernheim and Elie. Raymond Weil was the grandfather of the brothers, who died in January. The 88 Rue Du Rhone has some quality men watches at quite affordable prices.

Watch of the collection
The 42mm Automatic men watch with PVD coated case. The watch has red detailing to make it elegant and simple.

Aplina watches for men

Mens watches 2015If you want to buy an attractive and affordable sports watch then you should consider Alpina men’s watches. It’s not so common and well known brand but it certainly provides best quality watches for men. You can buy high quality quartz models too at affordable prices.

Watch of the collection

The watch will give you a retro look and it has high quality which will be a good value for your money. The black PVD coated case of the watch is water resistant to 100 meters. The Alpina men’s watches have self-winding chronograph movement.

Cartier watches for men

Mens watches 2015The Cartier is a well known brand in mens watches. Cartier produced many impressive and high quality watches for men, so far. The watches have all the advance technical abilities. The Cartier watches comes in many different case styles.

Watch of the collection
The Cartier never worked on making a professional sports watch . But, now they make high quality men sports watch. It fulfills all the ISO standards and the company guaranteed the watch is 300 meters water resistant.

G-Shock watches for men

Mens watches 2015G-shock watches is most common and famous watch available in the market. It’s a Casio’s sub brand. It is one of the most famous multifunctional digital mens watches. Generally the price of G-shock is not a lot and it can be easily affordable but the company has some premium models which can cost more.

Watch of the collection

The company focused on G-shock and designers work well to make it one of the best wrist watch for men. The MTG-S 1000 BS is one of the most high tech and antique men’s watches ever made.

The watch is available in plating of Gold, Brass and iron. It’s a limited edition watch and has limited pieces made. The watch is 200 meters water resistant like other G-shock watches and solar powered. The watch is almost resistant to anything.

Breitling watches for men

Mens watches 2015Breitling is well known and quite famous brands in mens watches. Many celebrities like to wear Breitling watches. The trendy and stylish look of the watches makes this brand famous. The big dial watches are the forte of Breitling.

Watch of the collection

Recently, Breitiling up sized the case of its new GMT version. The new case size is 48mm which is larger than its old sizes of 43mm to 46mm.