Let’s look at some 2014 Glamour tops

Let’s look at some 2014 “Glamour” tops (0)Let’s look at some 2014 Glamour tops

Essie is America’s nail salon expert. Since 1981. Shocking? Not for Essie. She started off with its 12 unconventional colors in 1981, including baby breath that is still in the collection today.
In 1983 a show host Joan Rivers announced that she is wearing Essie’s Jelly apple, which was a big hit for the company. Keeping it up, Essie was sent a letter from Queen Elizabeth requesting a color called ballet slippers that only Her Majesty would wear. In 1996 Essie got an award for the best nail polish from Allure Magazine. Continuing getting awards from the top Magazines, including Redbook and Cosmo Girl, Essie made its way to the top of the chart. From 1999 to 2010 Essie was not just a nail polish company but also offered manicures, hand & body lotions, and also other treatments specifically for hands.

 I do” is another nail polish that was introduced to us with the collaboration of PGI (Platinum Guild International), designer Henry Dunay and Essie. “I do” is the most expensive as of 2005. Essie cosmetics became part of the L’Oreal in 2005, which is one of the top brands of USA.

Another royal blessing happened when Princess Catherine wore Essie nail polish on the very precious day of her life, her marriage. Even with all this people still want what celebs would wear so to sort that confusion out I have a list of celebs who were seen with Essie: Cate Blanchett was seen with au natural on Golden Globe Awards 2014, in the same event Julia-Louis Dreyfus was wearing brooch the subject, berry naught was worn by Taylor Schilling and also penny talk by Michelle Dockery.

Talk about the top one and which one got the big hit. Bikini so teeny was sold the most, as of 2013. But they are right about small suit, big hit.

Essie has the perfect shade if you want to stay haute in the heat.

Take a look at the wild side of Essie by choosing one from the collection of summer 2014

Let’s look at some 2014 “Glamour” tops (4)Every girl wants her nails to be as perfect as herself. Got a fashion fever? Try Essie’s 2014 neon collection that comes with a variety and style.

Let’s look at some 2014 “Glamour” tops (1)

Not afraid to play? –in Life and in Fashion. Try irresistible and playful spring collection 2014 by Essie

Let’s look at some 2014 “Glamour” tops (2)

Take a stylish trip to the Paradise with Essie resort collection. It has style with a smart look that makes your trip to the beach full of Glamour.

Let’s look at some 2014 “Glamour” tops (3)

Style, Class, and uniqueness. Not just with the Stylish, Classy and unique. But also with the best.

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