Important shoes for men

Important Shoes for Men

Important shoes for men

Important Shoes for Men

Important shoes for menShoes play a vital role in every man’s daily life and here we will describe important shoes for men.

Normally, men own few pairs of shoes, but the shoes which we discuss here are essential.

Shoes can enhance your overall look or ruined it.

So it’s important every man should own a few different pairs of shoes.

Scroll down to know which shoes man should own.

Black Cap Toe Oxfords

Oxford style is most important and it should be a part of every man’s shoe wardrobe. Buy the best pair of Oxfords in black color and it will enhance your overall look.

It looks great wearing with well fitted formal outfit.

Important shoes for menLongwing shoes

Well, these shoes are the best in any way. You can wear them with jeans and with the suits evenly. Try to buy a good and expensive longwing shoes because it will worth the money which you will pay.

These can be considered as best office shoes. Wear it with class and style and it is appropriate for every formal occasion.

Important shoes for menDress Boots

These are essential and every man should own a pair of good dress boots. Try to purchase the shoes in pure leather, it will be expensive, but it will be last longer. These shoes can look dashing with the suit.

Important shoes for menCasual Boots

Every man should own the casual boots. It can be used for hiking in the woods or if you only want to walk around the streets. These are perfect and you can wear these boots with jeans.

Important shoes for menDesert Boots

These are the best shoes for everyday casual wear. The bottoms of these boots are a little soft compare to normal boots. It looks great with slim fit jeans. Try to buy these shoes in camel or dark brown color.

Important shoes for menWhite Canvas/ Leather Sneakers

Sneakers are the most important shoes for everyone. It can be used as daily casual wear and look cool with jeans.

Every man should own a few pairs of cool sneakers. You can wear them with shorts, chinos and jeans. Buy the leather or canvas sneakers in white color.

Important shoes for menMonk Straps

If sometimes you don’t want to wear laces shoes, you can wear monk straps shoes. It gives a classy look and enhances the overall personality.

You can wear these shoes with formal outfit or with jeans. The dark brown or black color monk straps can be worn with almost anything.

Important shoes for menPenny Loafers

If you want to give yourself a classy look, then you should have the penny loafers in your shoe wardrobe. You should have seen Michael Jackson wearing the penny loafers.

It is the most famous style of shoes and first originated in Norway. Now you can buy penny loafers made in Italy. The black and brown color looks classy.

Important shoes for menRunning Shoes

These are basically looking like sneakers but specifically made for running or athletic purposes. The sport shoes are an important part of every man’s life. Buy a good pair of Nike running shoes.

Important shoes for menBoat Shoes

The lightweight and comfortable shoes which you can wear during summers. You can wear these shoes with jeans and it looks simply superb.These shoes certainly deserve a good place in shoe wardrobe. Buy these shoes in black or light brown.

Important shoes for menEspadrilles

Best shoes to wear in summers. You can wear espadrilles with jeans or shorts. These are very soft and comfortable shoes suitable to wear during summers.

The shoes are not expensive as compared to other type of shoes. Buy these shoes in bright color or prints and complete your summer look.

Important shoes for men