Indian mehndi designs 2014 (1)

Henna Mehndi Design Collection Of 2014

Henna Mehndi Design Collection Of 2014

Pakistan mehndi designs 2014

As we know that when any nation try to promote their fashion they promote their fashion industry. Pakistan is moving on day by day in fashion industry. As we live in sub-continent and live long time with Indians so our culture and tradition bit match with Indians tradition and culture. Their is no thing to worry that our culture match which Indians, match culture with other countries is better to have combine tradition.

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Mehndi is consider sign of beauty

Mehndi is condier sign of beauty every where in the world. Every one adopts the fashion to his own choice.

So beauty is also consider the fashion and new look or style .Mehndi is also known as traditional.

Now we discuss some popular designs of mehndi below in article.

Mehndi is consider sign of beauty (2)Mehndi is consider sign of beauty (1)

Amelia mehndi design 2014

In this article we discuss shortly about Amelia design of mehndi. Amelia design is very popular in India and Pakistan even that this design of mehndi is also popular in European countries.

Amelia mehndi design 2014 are becoming  the most desired types and therefore there are lots of kinds of wedding  mehndi design with regard to latest wedding which have been arranged through Amelia. We show here some of the best Amelia mehndi design 2014. They are all simple the wedding mehndi design 2014.

All the actual styles tend to be easy to put on hands. Which means this had been about the amazing and stylish Amelia mehndi design 2014, Just be chose one your own personal choice to Amelia mehndi design.

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Arabic mehndi design 2014

Although put mehndi design on hand is an art but Arabic mehndi designs are very to put after some practice, Arabic mehndi designs are very famous from one country to the next. This variation of designs depended on the culture, religious traditions and all kind of ceremonies (wedding, party casual). During weddings and other occasions, the mehndi Designs is applied in intricate designs drawn with very thin lines with the help of a mehndi cone.

These designs are almost in the form of symbols through sometimes it has figurines representing weddings. These designs are very easy and can easily applied masters not newbie’s.

After some practice, Arabic mehndi Designs applied on hands not take you more than a couple of minutes. Mehndi is natural pain free art of decorating hands and feet on ceremonial occasions.

Arabic mehndi design 2014 (1) Arabic mehndi design 2014 (2)

Indian mehndi designs 2014

In this article we discuss famous designs of mehndi now we will give you all the best details of Indian b mehndi designs 2014. As we all know that mehndi is one of the most imperative and significant features for the women for making their hands beautiful and attention grabbing for others. Normally the women applied the mehndi designs for the religious functions, parties and weddings. As we all know that mehndi is very important for girls on their weddings so here we have some of the amazing Indian bridal mehndi designs 2014.we have the mehndi designs for hands and feet. In hand designs mehndi applied both the front and back side of the hands.

We share some pictures of Indian bridal mehndi designs 2014 for girls. In the pictures all the latest and new mehndi designs have been introduced that are very traditional and stunning in Indian mehndi designs. . All of these new mehndi designs can be applied best for the women and even by the brides as well. Apart from it, in the Indian mehndi designs 2014 for feet the designs are presented out in the floral and linear pattern designs that is looking stylish, amazing and fabulous.

You can even add some glitters on the mehndi designs for making mehndi shinning and attractive. So all the women out there if you are going to attend any  function  ( wedding,party,casual) then  must  applied mehndi  designs , choice of your favorite design from these Indian bridal mehndi designs 2014. We are sure that you will just fall in love with them

Indian mehndi designs 2014 (1) Indian mehndi designs 2014 (2)