Famous Mehndi Designs

mehndi 1 featureFamous Mehndi Designs

mehndi 2 featureMehndi has an important place in occasions such as wedding and Eid. Mehandi is also known as Henna which ladies apply on their hands, feet and arms.

The Mehndi has traditional uses in weddings and bride applies Mehandi on her feet and hands. There are hundreds of different designs by applying Mehndi.

The henna is considered as a good sign by humans. Few people also think that if bride applies the Mehandi on her hands and the color is dark, it means the groom will be honest with bride and they will have a good future together.

However, people also apply different oils such as mustard on their hands to make the Mehndi color darker.

Nowadays, you can easily find a cone Mehndi of good quality and it will give dark color and lasts for a few days.

Although henna is a great thing to apply, but you have to keep an eye on the quality because few manufacturers add chemicals in Mehndi which are dangerous for the skin.

The effect of chemical could be worse for your skin and you might feel burning effects or any sort of skin disease.

In case of any problem you should visit a skin specialist.

Mehndi have a few different types from which you can select.

Patterns of Mehndi are different and you can select from hundreds of different designs or if you are expert in applying Mehndi you can make your own design with creativity.

The most famous and versatile designs are Indian, Arabic, Pakistani and Rajasthani. Every culture has different designs which show their cultural art. Below are top Mehndi designs.

Black Mehndi Design

The black Mehndi is mostly used in eastern countries and it is known as one of the finest henna. This is usually used by brides on wedding in many cultures.

You can create any kind of design by applying black Mehndi. You can get this Mehndi from the market or online and it is available in tube and cone.

You can make an abstract design by black Mehndi which looks great on both hands and feet.

Black mehndi 2_optIndian Flower Look Design:

This is the latest design. You can design a flower with pattern on your hand.

The design looks great and eye catching. If you have good palm size, then you should consider making this design.

Indian-Flower_optArabian Design:

Arabian Mehndi designs always look great and it is always in deman. Arabian designs are unique and you can make them on your arms hands and feet.

The Arabian designs can be used at weddings.

Arabic-Mehndi-Designs_optRajasthani Design:

Rajasthan is famous place and they have their own culture and style. They have a special touch in everything and specifically in the henna designs.

Their designs show the culture of and real beauty of Rajasthan

Rajhasthani mehndi_optFull Arm Design:

Full arm designs look great on brides. If you are not a bride you can consider full arm designs too. You can show your creativity in design.

The floral and leaf patterns look great

Full arm mehndi_optHalf Arm Design:

If you are not a fan of full arm design, then you should consider half arm design.

Show your design creativity and style like leaves or flowers looks great in half arm design.

half arm mehndi design_optBack Hand Design:

Backhand designs look pretty. You can apply Mehndi on the back of your hand and make different designs.

The latest trends in design are to make flowers and leaves.

It will give a graceful look to your hand

back hand mehndi design_optCircular Motion Mehndi Design:

If you apply the Mehndi in circular form on your hand, you will have the circular motion Mehndi design.

You can show your creativity and give it different touches.

It is entirely up to your taste

circular motion mehndi design_optPakistani Design:

The Pakistani designs look awesome. The Pakistani Mehndi patterns are close and there is less vacant space left on hand.

It gives a unique and beautiful look to hands

Pakistani-Mehndi-Designs_opt (1)