Choose Perfect Ray Ban Aviators

Choose Perfect Ray Ban Aviators

Choose Perfect Ray Ban Aviators

Choose Perfect Ray Ban Aviators

Choose Perfect Ray Ban Aviators Ray Ban aviators are the most classic styles in sunglasses. It gives the pure masculine look and style to men. The Ray Ban first designed this stunning style of shades for the U.S Air force pilots in 1937. The shape of the glasses was designed in the way so the pilots can look at their plane control panels and get coverage from the bright sunlight as well.

The lens had large tear drop shape. If you look at the old models of aviator shades you will find the rubber bar which spread at the top of the sunglasses. The rubber bar had a major function; it helps pilots to keep the sweat out of their eyes while flying and in combat.

Since its initial design Ray Ban aviators changed into many different styles. It is the most common sunglasses for Air force staff members everywhere in the world. Many famous celebrities use the Ray Ban aviators in movies and personal life. In 1986 Tom cruise wears iconic aviator shades in the movie “Top Gun”.

Choose Perfect Ray Ban Aviators Many civilians also like and prefer to wear this outstanding style. The problem which every man faces is choosing the right style which suits the face and enhances the look. Typically, the sunglasses are quite common and useful accessory for men. So, it’s important to choose the right style and fitting. Below we discussed about the best Ray Ban aviator styles available in the market and it will help you to find the best style according to your face shape.

Three best styles of Ray Ban Aviators

Classic Teardrop Style

Choose Perfect Ray Ban Aviators If you like to wear things with deep and rich history, then you should buy classic teardrop aviator style. It is the best sunglasses if you need a classic look. The teardrop shape will give you more coverage from sunlight than any other style of Ray Ban Aviators. But, the important thing is this style suitable for your face shape.

Well, if you have long face, then you should avoid buying this style of aviators, because you face will appear even longer. If you have any other face shape than you should prefer this classic style aviators.

Navigator style

Choose Perfect Ray Ban Aviators This style is much more square shape which is different than the classic teardrop shape. Navigator style has good demand and fame. If you have long face, then this is the best style for you.

Although, Ray Ban aviators are most famous among men, but American Optical are specifically famous for their navigator style aviators. The Brand choice is entirely depends on your preferences.

Sporty Style

Choose Perfect Ray Ban Aviators Now the aviators are coming in sports style as well. If you want to wear the sunglasses while you are running or biking, the Ray Ban has few sporty shaped styles which can be used. You can do the research and you will find many other famous companies sporty style aviators.

The sporty shaped aviators have wider lens and squared-off bottom, which provides extra coverage from sunlight. The squared-off bottom allows it to be less heavy on the front than classic teardrop style Ray Ban aviators.