Beauty tips for men (1)

Beauty tips for men

Beauty tips for men

Beauty tips for men (7)Every human being need to be Beautiful may not be a word that you associate with men easily. But it will be not right to say that men do not have to take care of their health and beauty just as women can take care of their health and beauty A little maintenance will change your look well not only to the skin but also to a man’s self confidence So here are some simple tips and tricks that will bless men with happy and healthy skin. Look beautiful at any age regards less he is a man or women.

Most of the men worked outside and they do not use any sun block in that case worked in direct sun light especially in summer and they do not use any sun block in that case their skin will b damage so he must need a sun protection like any brand, men also very conscious for their skin and need some protection, especially for those who don’t have fair complexion, so they find different  and tips from Magazine or internet, newspapers and now on TV advertisement they use these product but nothing happened even some time they even loose there previous face complexion as well.

Then they find and search the beauty tips, natural beauty tips, and health and beauty tips in different means. Cream for their face.

But men are need to worry we describe the below some beauty tips for you also related to health because beauty need health.

Men should use shulphet free shampoo: Men are more rough hair than women. Dermatologists have said that shampoos which contain sulphate will strip a man’s scalp of hair faster than shampoos that don’t contain sulphate. . Hair washes enriched with vitamin E are effective in maintaining the strength and texture of men’s hair. It acts as a natural conditioner. Don’t use a brush on wet hair it will dame your hair. When combing through wet hair, you should use a wide toothed comb and gently work out. Avoid heated tools that damage your hair such as blow dryers or irons etc.

Use any sun screen: rays of light are very harm full for human skin men n women both so men should take care of their skin. Use any sun-screen for their face but not only face also on the hands if you are traveling. Other wise texture of the skin rough. And face complexion is affected.

Say No to smoke: smoking is additional that affected your health. Smoke work is dehydrate that effected the skin to use smoking skin loses its natural shine.

Trim your hair: men have usually extra hair on their face. Men also need to remove extra hair on their face time to time if its look bushy. Also trim the nostrils hair too.

Beauty tips for men (5)

Keeps your nails clean: we know that manicure and pedicure is not male thing but cleaning your feet and hand nails regularly is not harm full. Men should pay attention their hand and feet nails and trimming them to keep in shape. And make sure that your nail cutter and nail knife is sharp too.

Keeps your teeth white: smile increase your face value and teeth play an important role for this. Teeth are most beauty expect of your face. Use past brush in morning and night be fore sleeping. And ignore the coffee and dark tea to get that bright smile.

Maintain your fitness: Some say men take better care of their cars rather than themselves. Which is not a good thing? You get a new car if you have a better health rather than you don’t have any time of your self and loose your health. To maintain your fitness getup early in the morning and go for walk. Also stay away for oily food.

Watch your water intake: Helping the skin to breathe free and look young and glowing use 8 to 10 glass of water daily it will clean your system. There is no other way to look healthy and good drink water 2 litter at least daily basses.