Beautiful Skin Tips (3)

Beautiful Skin Tips

Beautiful Skin Tips

Beautiful Skin Tips (3)The busy lifestyle always keeps us outdoor for most part of the day and continuously exposes on our soft skin to the Lapidatesun rays. And this type of turns our skin down a few tones. And the working ladies are the main victim of it; Even that their skin does not repairs as fast as the younger skin. Relax; and I think there is nothing to worry about it. You can glow your skin from the darkening and get help it come back to life by following our tips which we are going to share with you.

Skin Whitening In Routine

Make this in your daily routine and see your skin come back to life and stay fresh like a baby skin, glowing and clean white. Drink enough water through the day for the need of your body, especially when you go outdoors. Because the body requires water to function properly & skin is a first to lose its moisture when we never supply to our body with enough water that’s why it is the main part of glowing the complexion.

And must wash your face immediately when you come back to home to wash off it all the sweat and dirt before it’s embed on yours skin and make the darken in to it’s. Don’t try to use the fancy face washes on your skin because that all are manufactured by harmful materials which can gives you fair complexion but for little time and also make tones very darkened after some time,  so I will must advise you to use some herbal cleanser that will effectively clean yours skin without any side effect..

And must Use face scrub every week on your skin because the dead skin cells that make the skin look dark & dull.

Beautiful Skin Tips (2)Don’t forget to moisturize your skin before lying to bed. Moisturizing helps replenish to the lost moisture; and helps repair the skin and prepare your skin for the coming fight with sun rays and safe your tones.

Milk has a great effect on our skins and it is the best and most natural skin whitening agent for everyone’s. Don’t forget to drink a glass of cold milk before going to lay on the bed and always keep your skin beautiful, glowing, healthy and white inside and out.

Must do Use the weekends to do a few great skin whitening facials but should not manufactured by harmful materials.

Quick & Easy Skin Whitening Tips

Skin Whitening Face Wash:

Just forget the fancy and expensive face washes from the market shelves. Just use the fine gram flour, and keep it in a jar in your bathroom. And take it round about a tablespoon in your palm, make and paste with a little tap water and apply it on to your wet face. Now just wait for two minutes (you don’t need to dry it), just give a little time to suck out the dirt and sweat on your skin pores, and then wash it with cold water.

And If you want do something much stronger, then make a paste of barley flour with lemon juice and rose water and. Apply it to your wet face and wait for dry lightly. And then wash it off with cold water. This is a great and skin whitening treatment.

If you have also pimples problem then you add a small quantity of ground indica azadirachta leaves (neem) to yours gram or barely flour. And this disinfects the skin, helps heal to the pimples and always protects to your skin from getting more pimples in future.

Beautiful Skin Tips (1)Skin Whitening Facials:

Now Here I am going to share you with a list of some great quick easy and reliable whitening facials that you can use very easily on weekends to whiten on your skin.

Soak 5 almonds in water overnight it. Grind them to a fine paste with 4 or 5 teaspoon of milk. Apply it to on your wet face. Wash off it with cold water after an half hour.

Just mix a tablespoon of lemons juice with the quarter teaspoon of  oil nigella seed (kalonji) and also apply it all over your face as early in the morning. And just leave it on for only 10 minutes and then wash off with little lukewarm water.

Grind a ripe tomato & mix it with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply it to on your face and wash it off with cold water near about 20 minutes.

Take 3 or 4 teaspoon raw milk and apply it on your complete face. And wash it with fresh water near about 20 minutes.

Mix a leveled tablespoon with of the pure mud mask with 1 teaspoon of lemons juice with more rose water to form a paste. And apply it to on your wet face and just wait for dry it. After that wash off with cold water. This will must be whiten to your skin and make it shiny and glow.

Skin Whitening Drinks

Facial skin is very soft and sensitive; it needs more whitening inside and outside. And include these whitening drinks in your usual routine diet.

Drink cold milk before lying to the bed.

Drink the glass of warm water mixed with 1 or 2 teaspoon of lemon juice & 1 teaspoon of pure honey in every morning for getting the good results.

Just boil a glass of water, and cool it down slightly and do add 5 to 10 mints leaves to it. Cover it and let it sit for 5 minutes. And you can drink it any time of the day.

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