3 Best Men Leather Jacket Styles

3 Best Men Leather Jacket Styles

3 Best Men Leather Jacket Styles

3 Best Men Leather Jacket Styles

3 Best Men Leather Jacket Styles

The Leather jacket is the most common and favorite among men. The jacket comes in many different styles and you can find it easily in the market. Most of the styles come in different textures and colors.

There are many different styles in jackets, but below are the details of three very useful leather jackets for men and you should own one of them.

Bomber Leather Jacket

3 Best Men Leather Jacket Styles

Bomber jacket was initially designed for the bomber plane’s crew. The style of the jacket hasn’t changed much since it was first designed.

The bomber jacket has waist length and it has a soft inner lining which makes it comfortable. The lining on the jacket extends towards the turn-down collar and it creates the pattern which is visible on both sides of the chin.

The common liners are flannel, corduroy and fleece which is usually use on bomber leather jacket. The elasticized openings are used to cinch sleeves and waist tight.

Generally, the bomber jackets are designed as no frills to make it protected and warm for the wearer. It has straight up zip on the front and have side pockets. The jacket usually used as a casual leather jacket.

Double Rider Leather Jacket

3 Best Men Leather Jacket StylesIt is known as a classic American leather jacket. This is the jacket which is commonly used by Harley Davidson riders. It has a very unique style and it became the most common jacket style after Marlon Brando wore it in the 1953 movie The Wild Ones. It is also known as perfect jacket.

The double rider leather jacket has a flared collar and large spreading flaps with snaps which is used to fasten down the jacket in the wind. This specific detailing gives the double rider jacket its unique look. Generally, the front zipper runs at an angle, its open wide to create one flap and allowing the other flap to fold out below it.

The construction method of the jacket could vary and also the adjustment of flaps and shape. Every brand creates the different model and style without losing its unique look.

The jacket texture is usually rowdy and rough, but you can use a double rider leather jacket to dress up nicely. If the jacket has heavy buckles and other flashy things which makes it inappropriate then avoid wear it over nice outfit.

Moto Racer Leather Jacket

3 Best Men Leather Jacket StylesThese jackets are usually known as café racer jacket or motocross jacket. Moto racer leather jackets are comfy and sleek. The jackets usually have small snap collars or sometimes no collar. These jackets don’t have elasticized openings and warm lining like bomber jackets and it also lacks in snaps and flaps of double rider jacket.

If you have this jacket style in plain black or in any natural leather color, you can wear it with nice outfit. The simple and sleek design of this jacket makes it more ideal than other jackets.

The style of the jacket is entirely associated with Moto racing. So, it often comes in many different bright colors. Sometimes the stripes and other parts of the jacket stitched together. You don’t have to buy the brighter color Moto racer leather jacket unless you own a motorcycle to ride and have a helmet in your hand.

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