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14 Secrets to show off every eye shape

14 Secrets to show off every eye shape

eyes pics

All Eye Shapes


First and foremost-figure out your shape!

Just like you dress to flatter your body shape, Makeup should always be applied based on what shape

Your eye is. For your most gorgeous eyes and for that you first need to take any kind of quiz to find out the shape your eyes hold.


When applying mascara, pick a formula that lengthens and volumizes and pay extra attention to the outer corners. This will give you that wide-eyed effect everyone wants.



Your symmetrical shape makes your eyes totally go for any look. Play with shimmer and matte shadows to find your ultimate combination.


There’s a simple secret to always add depth and make almond eyes pop!Just add a bit darker shade to the outer corners.



You’ve got the big, beautiful eyes, so maximize them by makingthe width a little longer. Dramatic winged looks that extend past the outer corner are perfect for you.


Want to really bring out your shape? Sweep a medium shade of shadow across your crease to bring a definition right where your eyes are themost round.



The alluring lift at your outer corner creates a perfect effect and makes lids more visible, which is deal for any smoky look- try the Smash boxFull Exposure Palette for a great range of neutrals.


Enhance your upturned eyes by evening out proportions and applya darker shadow or liner to the outer lower corner.



For downturned eyes, blend shadows upward in the outer corner that creates a balance to your beautiful eyes.


The trick to accentuating your shape? Play up the outer corner forsymmetry. The cat eye is made for you, so get playful and createa colorful version.



Make the lids of your sultry shape more visible by applying a light,lightly shimmery shadow across the entire lid.


Tightly line the upper lash line with a highly pigmented formulato make eyes appear larger.



Create beautiful definition with a gradient: darkest shadow closest to the lash line, medium in the middle and light across the brow bone.


Ultimate lid space means you can play with all kind of playful and good looks, from dramatic winged liner to the pop. But always begin with a light shadow across the brow bone to add dimension.

Now express Yourselfie!!

Top 3 tips for selfie

Lighting, as usual, is everything. Find the most natural light to add brightness and avoid shadows on your face. Turn your head away from the camera at an angle-whenever you face the camera straight on, you’ll be shown at your widest. The deal position for your phone while shooting? Hold your arm straight out and then lift up slightly too just above eye level.

At the end cute ideas for girls who wear glasses

Think of your glasses as a way to accentuate your eyes! Stick to neutral colors – such as browns and shimmery beige – that won’t look too dark behind your lenses. Apply liquid liner along your lash line, and don’t be shy when it comes to mascara! Thick, voluminous lashes will look amazing behind your frames.

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